Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We make it easy and accessible for your organization to improve workplace safety. Transform your team’s safety processes with custom digital checklist solutions that everyone can use to rapidly and consistently complete those critical tasks that allow your team to be more productive. The ability to create tasks, assign them to the right people, and be alerted instantly should there be a problem, ensures that your team is taking the appropriate steps to keep everyone safe.

Increase margins while reducing the number of safety incidents

Safety is not only a necessity, but it has a major impact in reducing downtime, increasing output, and keeping your turnover low. Make it easy for your team to focus on safety during revenue generating operations and keep your workers safe at the same time with Criitkl. With all your safety information stored in one place updates are easy. You can easily track, monitor, and in response reduce the number of incidents that can negatively impact your team’s production processes.

Get proactive and prevent workplace injuries

Safety programs are built on the concept that most workplace accidents are avoidable if procedures are well-defined and followed correctly. Criitkl helps you take the necessary precautions to prevent workplace injuries, reduce the number of claims and lower your assessments by allowing you to direct employee actions. With all the required checklist resources available on any device, it’s easy for your team to follow the prescribed procedures that are critical to ensuring worker safety. With the right tools, your team is empowered to identify and flag potential issues before they become costly problems.

Foster a positive work environment

A positive working environment fosters higher productivity, reduces turnover, and supports a safer work environment. When workers feel safe, it increases morale and reduces long-term sick leaves. Criitkl increases transparency and empowers your workers to do what’s right for them to be safe and for your business to succeed.

Take a big leap towards improving your organization's health and safety today

Put worker safety first by adopting Criitkl within your organization. Take your existing safety processes or create new ones, and make them far easier to follow.

Is Criitkl right for your business? See for yourself!