Facility Management

Facility Management

Raise the bar on operational excellence with Criitkl by enabling your team to be more effective and efficient. Digital checklists can help your team minimize downtime from preventative maintenance, unplanned outages, safety incidents, and more. Having all your data in one place makes it easy to spot patterns and to make high impact process improvements to your facilities operations.

Drive accountability across your team

Building transparency and accountability amongst your team will go a long way to helping your business to thrive. With Criitkl your team members have access to the latest procedures, clear accountability to who is responsible, and real-time visibility into the present state. Tasks can be created and assigned to the right person that can drive resolution.

Increase productivity across your facilities

Make your team more efficient by streamlining how procedures are followed, how anomalies are reported and followed up on. No matter how complex your business is, Criitkl can help you optimize how your team collaborates, raises issues, and works to prevent and resolve production bottlenecks. With all the data being centralized, you can identify problems in advance and find ways to run more effectively.

Be more efficient with your time so you can take on other challenges

Free up your time for other priorities by automating processes that are manual, tedious, and require consistent follow ups or close outs. Do more with the resources you have by focusing on high-level preventative actions using Criitkl. Your team can create, assign, and track actions through to resolution with the application pushing notifications when you want them to happen. This will ensure that the right person is taking action when required and you are advised of any blockers and of task completions.

Take a big leap towards improving your organization's facility management today

Criitkl can help your team with facilities management by minimizing downtime from preventative maintenance, unplanned outages, safety incidents, and more.

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