About Us

We create easy and effective solutions to manage your top priorities

Criitkl is a technology platform developed by Design IT. We are a global technology innovator that continuously pushes the boundaries on how companies manage critical operations. Criitkl transforms how safety, compliance, and facility management is carried out. Our technology helps empower your team to reduce the number of incidents, help eliminate production bottlenecks, and lead your work force more effectively.
Our Story

Results oriented

The talented team at Design IT sought to help a Fortune 100 company overcome significant challenges they were facing. After achieving exceptional results and solving the challenges, Design IT went on to raise the bar on how critical process management is tackled in complex work environments.

Beyond the success with the Fortune 100 customer, Design IT has taken its deep industry expertise to build Criitkl to solve real challenges in health and safety, compliance, and facility management. Our product consists of an innovative way of managing checklists, tasks, automated workflows, and real-time notifications.

Criitkl is helping to make work environments safer, more productive, and save cost across a broad range of industries. We are excited to take on new challenges and expand our solution by working closely with our current and future customers.

Our values

Lead with Purpose

Our team is empowered to not only bring their best and brightest ideas forward, but to drive them to the finish line.

Be Customer Obsessed

We highly value our customers and are hyperfocused on keeping new and existing ones delighted with Criitkl.

Own It

We have an established culture of ownership in designing, building, and improving Criitkl to deliver our best work.

Innovate Now

Why wait for good ideas to come to life? We believe in rapidly and incrementally delivering value to customers in new and innovative ways.

Take Action

It is in our team's DNA to leap into action when needed to get the work done quickly and effectively.


We love to fuse our purpose, energy, and enthusiasm together to collaborate and foster continuous improvements.

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Fortune 100 Companies

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