Critical Operations Management

Critical Operations Management

With faster and more accurate information organizations can manage critical operations with ease and make better informed decisions that make a real impact

Increase productivity across your facilities

Create and share your latest and greatest plans and procedures with your team in real-time.

  • Build and share configured checklist templates with accurate information
  • Share essential checklists with the right people
  • Add conditional logic to keep your plan simple yet effective

Collect the right information in a timely manner

Make better informed decisions by giving your team the means to report critical information when it’s required

  • Add critical information quickly by adding photos, videos, and other documents
  • Receive notifications sent via email or SMS in real-time
  • Personalize checklist templates to capture responses the way that matters the most to your specific needs

Assign and monitor corrective actions

Empower your team to report actions that need to be taken and track the progress through to completion

  • Create tasks on the fly when issues are encountered
  • Assign ownership of tasks to individuals and notify them immediately
  • Increase visibility and prioritize tasks by filtering, sorting, and reporting

Collaborate effectively to streamline objectives

Communicate change sor updates to your plans and action items to become more proactive

  • Communicate with teams using real-time information available at your fingertips
  • View your team's activity and comment on tasks directly to drive quick resolutions
  • Receive notifications via email or SMS when checklist templates are revised to support change management

Take a big leap towards improving your organization's critical operations management

Criitkl can help your team easily stay on top of workplace safety, preventative maintenance, and meeting your compliance requirements.

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